His Wife Planted An Airtag In His Car And Lied About It Because She Thought He Was Cheating

gstockstudio - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While this man was driving home from work the other day, he got a strange notification from Google saying that there was an Airtag nearby.

So, he immediately called his wife and asked if she knew anything about an Airtag.

“She, of course, denied any knowledge of it,” he recalled.

Then, once he finally arrived home, he tried to hit the “play sound” option on the notification. But, after trying for a few minutes, it still did not work.

This forced him to head back inside, and as soon as he did, his wife miraculously found the Airtag.

She also started trying to tell him a story about how the Airtag must have fallen off one of her friend’s keychains over the weekend. However, he thought that was total bologna.

That’s why he then got the Airtag’s serial number and also figured out the last four digits of the Airtag owner’s phone number.

“Big shocker, it was my wife’s digits,” he revealed.

So, he was really angry that his wife was trying to track his location to apparently check if he was either having an affair or going to clubs– neither of which was true. However, he was most upset that she denied planting the Airtag in the first place.

gstockstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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