His Wife Recently Lost Her Father And Has Been Completely Devastated, So He Wants To Send Her To Therapy Even Though She Turned Down The Idea

Seventyfour - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Just a couple of days ago, this 37-year-old man’s wife, who is 36, sadly lost her father. So, ever since then, she has been a complete wreck.

His wife was born when her parents were just 24-years-old, and her mom walked out on her family when she was only 2. Afterward, her dad took over raising her as a single parent.

“My wife’s father was a great man. I have a lot of respect for him,” he explained.

“Even while raising her, he got his life on track and got a good job to support them.”

So, his wife and her father were obviously extremely close, and the loss was absolutely devastating for her.

That’s why he tried to be supportive and told his wife to take some time off of work to process and grieve. But still, she has not been able to function.

According to him, his wife can barely take care of herself, let alone their kids. She has not been eating and instead spends the entire day in their bedroom. She has also been crying constantly.

“This doesn’t bother me– I’m a neurologist, and I make a decent amount, so I’ve also taken time off work– and I’ve been picking up more slack,” he said.

Still, he just hates seeing his wife suffering so much. This pushed him to suggest that she go to therapy or attend a support group.

Seventyfour – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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