His Wife Says He Humiliated Her When He Doted On His Friend’s Pregnant Wife

morrowlight - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his friend, Chris, are both having their first babies soon with their wives.

Currently, his wife is 36 weeks pregnant, while Chris’ wife, Polly, is about 28 weeks along.

He and Chris have both acted differently throughout their wives’ pregnancies.

“Chris still has Polly do a lot, whereas I will take the weight off my wife in literally any single possible way I can. Even small things. Mainly because I feel utterly useless, and I don’t want my wife straining herself to do things I could easily do myself while she is growing my baby and is uncomfortable anyways,” he said.

However, he may have messed up a couple of days ago when Chris and Polly invited him and his wife to take their boat out for swimming and fishing.

Because it’s nearing his wife’s due date, she was a little apprehensive about it. She understandably didn’t want to go into labor early and was experiencing some anxiety.

While they were all out on the boat, Chris repeatedly would ask Polly to go do things for him.

“I would go right behind Polly and be like, ‘No, sit down, I’ve got it,’ and essentially did the same thing I would do with my own wife. Well, there’s a store along the lake that we stopped off at so I could grab some beers, and Polly asked me to grab her a few things, so I did (a mixture of both snacks and drinks, like, four to five items),” he explained.

Once he left the store and returned to the boat, his wife checked the bag with his purchases and was angry. She then proceeded to sit in silence for at least an hour.

morrowlight – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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