His Wife Threatened To Make A Waitress Lose Her Job If She Didn’t Get A Meal That Wasn’t On The Menu, So He Called His Wife Out For Treating Service Workers Terribly And Refused To Take Her Out To Eat Anymore

“I have to give her credit. It was genius,” he admitted.

“And more importantly, it worked. But it isn’t right, and I know that.”

Apparently, the waitress looked so stressed out by his wife’s threat and the idea of potentially losing his job. His heart seriously broke for the poor server.

So, when they later got in the car, he wound up yelling at his wife– accusing her of turning into a “literal movie villain” and claiming that she reached a new low every single time they stepped out in public.

“And then I told her I was never going to ever eat at a restaurant with her again,” he added.

Afterward, his wife just began crying and stormed out of the car. And now, he’s been left wondering whether calling his wife out on her behavior and pledging to never take her out to eat again was the wrong thing to do.

Why do you think his wife is so cruel to service workers? Can you imagine watching your spouse treat others like that? Did he do the right thing by telling his wife off and refusing to take her out anymore? How would you have handled this? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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