His Wife’s Mom Lost His Toddler At The Fair And Pretended Like It Never Even Happened

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This 30-year-old man and his 30-year-old wife have a toddler son, and they all live together in a tiny town.

His wife asked her mom if she could watch their son one evening so they could have a night to just themselves.

His wife’s mom adores their son, and so he figured everything was going to end up fine. He did know that his wife’s mom planned on taking their son to their town’s annual fair, and he was alright with that.

“However, today at work, a local person remarked on seeing him at the fair and made some comment about the sheriff finding and returning him,” he explained.

“As in, he was lost enough that the sheriff had to return my son to my mother at the local fair. This obviously happened while my mother was responsible for watching him.”

“She did not tell us about it. This happened 4 to 5 days ago, so she apparently planned to continue to not tell us.”

He thinks there is one of two things going on. The first thing is that his wife’s mom didn’t think it was that big of a deal to lose his son.

The second thing is that the person who told him that his son got lost was telling tall tales, but he has zero reason not to trust this information.

He’s more inclined to believe his wife’s mom really did lose his son, and he knows that will result in a lot of drama in their family if his wife or anyone else finds out.

ziss – illustrative purposes only

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