How To Revive Your Towels And Make Them Go From Scratchy To Soft Again

When your towels are getting rough, pouring in more fabric softener seems to make the most sense. However, too much product can actually dry out and stiffen towels. Make sure you’re using only the right amount of detergent to retain the quality of your towels.

Shake Out Your Towels

Before putting a load in the washing machine, set your towels up for success by giving them a good shake. Shaking your towels loosens up the fibers, allowing them to better absorb the detergent. As a result, your towels will come out cleaner and fluffier than ever.

Alternate Drying Methods

If you always tumble dry your towels, try hanging them on the line to dry once in a while. Line drying helps make your towels fluffier and reduces the amount of tumble drying you need to do. The fresh air will give your towels a crisp, natural, outdoorsy scent, and the ultraviolet rays from the sun can kill bacteria.

Store Towels Properly

After washing and drying your towels, it’s time to fold them back up into your storage closet. Instead of folding your towels on top of each other, consider rolling them or placing them side by side.

Stack towels on top of each other flattens the bottom ones, ruining the plush effect you worked so hard to achieve.

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