How To Style Your Entryway Table And Set The Stage For The Rest of Your Home

You cannot go wrong by adding a bit of “you” to the table. How about framed photos or souvenirs from your travels?

Imagine walking in the door, glancing at a photo from that time you and your buddies road-tripped across the country or when you went on a romantic anniversary trip with your spouse. Instant smile, guaranteed (even after a hard day at work).

Green It Up

Greenery adds life—literally—to any space. A small potted plant or a vase with fresh flowers can be a mood-lifter like no other.

You can choose something low-maintenance, like a succulent or air plant, if you’re not exactly born with a green thumb. On the other hand, you could go big and bold if you’re down for a plant care challenge.

Fake foliage is totally fair game, too. Just visit your local craft store, whip out an old, new, or thrifted vase, and have fun putting together a nice arrangement.

Keep It Lit

A small lamp or a string of fairy lights can also add warmth and depth to your entryway, making it look like something straight out of a home decor magazine.

Pick something that complements the room’s existing lighting so it all flows. A nice, soft glow says, “Welcome home, kick off your shoes and stay awhile.”

Let’s Talk Texture

When it comes to texture, keep in mind that a blend of materials can bring a dynamic feel to your entryway table. Think marble meets wood meets metal.

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