If You Get A Thrill From Visiting Haunted Places, The Golden Fleece Could Be The Perfect Place For You To Grab A Drink

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As someone who had the privilege of visiting England, I fell in love with a lot of local pubs and pub culture.

However, there’s one pub and inn located in the city of York that I think I’d better stay away from. But if you get a thrill from visiting haunted places, it could be the perfect place to grab a pint.

The Golden Fleece Inn & Pub has been around for a very long time. It first opened in the 1500s and became an inn in 1656. During its early days, The Golden Fleece was owned by the Merchant Adventurer’s Guild, which traded in wool and fleece, hence the name.

The inn is located in the center of York, surrounded by historical streets and medieval shops. York has a reputation for being a haunted city, and The Golden Fleece fits right into its history, as people who’ve stayed and visited the inn have had many incidents with the spirits of old guests.

One of the ghosts at The Golden Fleece is Lady Alice Peckett, who owned the inn with her husband, John, during the 18th century. John Peckett was the Lord Mayor of York in the early 1700s.

Lady Alice has frequently been seen going up and down the inn’s staircase and moving around furniture, suggesting she doesn’t like where it’s placed.

One of the ghosts of The Golden Fleece with a spookier story is the spirit they call the Canadian Airman, otherwise known as Geoff Monroe. Geoff stayed at The Golden Fleece during World War II and tragically fell to his death from one of the top-floor windows of the inn.

Guests have seen his ghost in uniform in the middle of the night.

Spirits at The Golden Fleece don’t only hang out around the inn – they’ve also been seen in the pub.

chrisdorney – illustrative purposes only

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