If You’re In Love With The Boho Beach Style, Here’s A Guide To Designing Your Home To Reflect This

Svetlana Sokolova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Are you a free spirit who’s in love with the boho beach style but doesn’t know where to begin with designing your home? Well, first of all, this design is relaxed and laid-back with an understated elegance. That means it’s all about natural materials, bright whites, and bold patterns.

When done right, a home decorated with the boho beach style should feel warm and inviting, a place you can retreat to for peace, calm, and serenity. To create the boho beach look in your home, give these ideas a go!

First of all, start with white and add color as you go along, incorporating printed throw pillows, artwork, and nautical-themed decor items. White walls allow you to showcase the pieces that really speak to you.

Muted greens and varying shades of blues are classic ocean-inspired colors that you tend to see with this design theme as well.

Balance it out with other neutral colors like beiges and creams. Also, keep it fresh with paler woods, such as pine, oak, and maple. These tones will help ground the feel of the room and ensure that it doesn’t become overrun with patterns.

Boho beach style draws inspiration from the outdoors. Think of ocean waves crashing onto sandy shores with the sun shining overhead. Some natural materials associated with the beach include wood, jute, rattan, leather, and linen. These elements introduce a cozy vibe into your home.

Fill a woven basket with shells or pebbles you gathered from the beach to use as an accent piece. Place rattan chairs in your living room, and consider getting wood furniture with a weathered look, as if it’s been sitting out in the sun and taking in the sea breeze.

Soft, shag rugs and macrame wall hangings also offer layered textures, creating more depth in your space. Flowing fabrics, such as sheer curtains and a canopy draped over the bed, invoke a certain lightness and relaxed feel.

Don’t forget to add some greenery! Combine with statement plants with subtler ones, opting for low-maintenance varieties, such as succulents. Fiddle leaf figs and prayer plants are a bit more fussy, but they really help to bring a connection to nature into your home.

Svetlana Sokolova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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