She Allowed Her Coworker To Move In With Her Newborn Baby, But Then She Kicked Her Out Over The Drama

F8 \ Suport Ukraine - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old woman allowed a former co-worker, 21, to live with her. Leading up to this, her co-worker was unfortunately in dire straits.

Her co-worker was pregnant, and she was living with her partner who, four months before giving birth, told her that she needed to move out once she had her baby. It turned out that this partner wasn’t the father of her child.

On the day that her co-worker was giving birth, she called her to ask if she could stay with her for one or two weeks until she could find somewhere to live.

In the span of the four months since her partner asked her to move out, she hadn’t yet had any luck in finding housing.

After her co-worker moved in, she stayed longer than the two weeks she had originally claimed she’d be living with her. Constantly, when three and then six weeks passed, she would ask her co-worker if she’d seen any good prospects for an apartment, and her co-worker always said she hadn’t found anything yet.

“By the sixth week, I was fed up. She was HORRIBLE! Never cleaned, never did her laundry, put the baby in dirty clothes, left him in dirty diapers, let him scream and left the house to take ‘breathers’ while he screamed, never bathed the kid, played video games 24/7, tired giving the kid spoiled milk, ate ALL my food, left piles of dishes and baby bottles in the sink, sanitary pads on the floor, and every corner of my apartment had something of hers in it,” she said.

Also, her co-worker’s mother brought her 11-year-old brother, who has autism, over to the apartment, and he went to the bathroom directly onto the bathroom floor. Her co-worker said that the reason this happened was because of her brother’s autism, but she was skeptical.

To make the situation worse, her co-worker even dared to ask her several times if she could take care of her baby overnight so that she could go out drinking.

Not only was her co-worker messy and inconsiderate, but she also caused the monthly bills to skyrocket.

F8 \ Suport Ukraine – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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