Meal Prepping Is A Practice That Many Folks Swear By, And Here Are A Few Hacks To Help You Take The Stress Out of It

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Meal prepping is a practice that many folks swear by. When you’re short on time, meal prepping can be especially handy. Not only does it save you time in the kitchen, but it can also save you money on groceries.

However, the idea of planning a whole week’s worth of meals in one day can be daunting for first-time meal preppers. Meal prepping requires a lot of organization and commitment from you, along with the repetitive acts of chopping and stirring, which can quickly become boring.

Meal prepping has been around for a while now, so luckily, many meal prep pros have discovered hacks that make planning your meals less stressful.

When meal prepping, a lot of time is spent searching for recipes to try. So, to cut your search short, you should save recipes where you’ll use them most, whether that be on TikTok or YouTube.

TikTok videos, in particular, are short and sweet, getting right to the chase on how to prepare the foods. Having recipes on too many platforms can get confusing since you probably won’t remember which one was saved where.

You don’t have to dedicate one day to meal prepping. It may be the typical thing to do, but when you cram everything into one day, you can burn yourself out, tempting you to give up on meal prepping altogether.

If it works better for your schedule, break up the process into two days. The days don’t even have to be back-to-back. You can split up your meal-prepping sessions between Sunday and Tuesday to give yourself some time to rest.

Prepping for every meal of the day might feel too overwhelming, so just do what works for you! Meal prepping, even for a few days out of the week, is still beneficial.

Stock up on some high-quality glass containers that keep food fresh for longer. They’re worth splurging a few extra bucks on.

fortyforks – illustrative purposes only

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