Meal Prepping Is A Practice That Many Folks Swear By, And Here Are A Few Hacks To Help You Take The Stress Out of It

The cheap plastic ones aren’t as air-tight, so they can cause your food to go bad more quickly. They also create gross smells you can’t get rid of, no matter how hard you scrub them.

Plus, the plastic may not be able to withstand high temperatures in the microwave and end up melting into your food! As a result, you’ll probably find yourself throwing them away pretty often, which is a huge waste.

One pot and one pan meals will be your best friend. They allow you to toss a bunch of ingredients into one pot or pan and cook them all together at the same temperature and length of time. This method of cooking also helps spice up your meals. It adds multiple textures and flavor options to dishes like rice, pasta, and wraps.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to take shortcuts. Shortcuts don’t make you lazy. If you’re even considering the idea of doing meal prep, you’re definitely the opposite.

For example, if you’re really running low on time, order a catered meal from a restaurant. The large portions can be divided up into multiple meals, which you can then store in the freezer if needed.

Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to start meal prepping now that you know about these simple hacks.

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