New Survey Reveals That The Average Parent Will Spend Nearly $500 On School Supplies In 2023, So Caregivers Are Getting Creative With Sustainability To Save Their Budgets

“Meal prepping and creative uses for last night’s leftovers is an easy way to save time and money and is better for the planet. You can reduce the amount of plastic waste your family creates by opting for a simple, reusable alternative to plastic bags and containers.”

Parents are already spending an average of $431 on groceries each week. Meat and poultry top the list of grocery expenses at 39%; meanwhile, apples and citrus fruits follow close behind at 38% and 35%, respectively.

Aside from repurposing leftovers, parents are finding other ways to save money on food expenses. For instance, 55% rely on refillable water bottles, 49% use the same ingredients each week, and 47% of parents opt to “batch cook” for the school week.

With all of this being said, it might not come as a surprise that 75% of parents claimed it was important to teach children about sustainability.

“Our research shows parents not only aim to be more sustainable but also pass these values on to their kids. Their biggest concerns around sustainability? Single-use plastic (47%) and food waste (42%),” said Shannon Morgan Stearns, CEO of Stasher.

“The great news is that there are easy ways to be more sustainable without sacrificing quality or without blowing the budget. By investing in reusable supplies like silicone bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, cloth napkins, and more, everyone in the family can cut down on single-use items while also making the daily task of prepping for school simpler.”

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