Once She Got Pregnant, Her Mother-In-Law Started Behaving Bizarrely, And So She Doesn’t Want Her In The Delivery Room When She Has Her Baby

“The car seat we bought was $380, and it grows with the baby. The one she bought was a $99 infant-only car seat. She told him to return the one we got because ‘the one I bought has sentimental value because I bought it.’ Then she turns to me and says, ‘I better get a phone call when the baby is coming so I can be there to support MY baby,’ and starts rubbing my husband’s back while smiling up at him, and it just, like, grossed me out, honestly,” she shared.

Understandably, the idea of her mother-in-law being present for the birth of her baby makes her incredibly uneasy, especially given how strangely she’s been behaving since she got pregnant.

Her husband also acknowledges how odd his mother has been since they told her about the pregnancy, but he doesn’t know how to approach the situation or how to possibly confront his mother to ask her to stop.

She knows that she won’t change her mind about allowing her mother-in-law to be in the delivery room. It would make her angry to see her mother-in-law catering to her husband while she is going through a painful birthing experience.

Plus, since this is her and her husband’s first child, she wants to be able to have his emotional support throughout the process without his mother distracting him.

While discussing the situation and what to do, her husband suggested allowing his mother to be in the delivery room in the hopes that she would return to her old self after the birth of their child.

But she rejected this idea both because when her mother-in-law is around, her husband acts uncomfortable and because she always feels angry when his mother-in-law is around, and she doesn’t want to feel that way while having her baby.

What would you do if you were in her shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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