A Child’s Imagination Or A True Glimpse Into A Past Life? This Little Girl Claims That She Used To Sail The Seas As A Pirate

A woman’s voice, presumably her mother’s, could be heard in the background, asking the little girl when she was a pirate.

In response, the little girl said, “A long time ago, when you weren’t alive, and then I shrunk into a little kid. And I never could get to be a pirate again.”

Several TikTok users believed that the girl was speaking the truth, while others expressed their doubt about her story.

“Kids don’t be lying like this; I believe her,” commented one user.

“She said that too fluently to be making that up, IDK,” pointed out another.

“This is just a kid with an imagination,” wrote a third.

Do you think she really was a pirate in a past life? Or is it just a fantasy?


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