Planting Pitfalls: What You Should Never Plant In Your Garden In The Fall

Danita Delimont - illustrative purposes only

Once the leaves start falling and pumpkin spice lattes come back onto the Starbucks menu, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the cozy vibes of autumn.

But before you break out those gardening gloves one last time, take a step back!

You may feel tempted to try and capitalize on the fleeting warmth of summer, but fall just isn’t the best time for planting everything in your garden.

In fact, there are some plants you might want to skip altogether during this season.

Fruits & Roses: Hold Off On These Favorites

You might be tempted to add some apple or pear trees to your orchard around this time of year, but it’s actually not the best idea to plant fruit trees during the fall.

They require ample time to establish their root systems before winter sets in and fall planting simply doesn’t give them enough time.

As for roses, they also require a robust root system to withstand the harsh temperatures of winter. So, it’s best to wait until spring when they’ll actually have a fighting chance.

Broadleaf Evergreens: Wrong Timing

Danita Delimont – illustrative purposes only

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