She And Her Boyfriend Spend More Time Catering To His Interests Than Hers In Their Relationship, And She Doesn’t Want Things To Continue Like This

fizkes - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 34-year-old woman is in a relationship, and they have children together.

She greatly appreciates how wonderful of a father her boyfriend is, and they have a lot of hobbies in common. However, they do have their own separate interests, which is to be expected in relationships.

Unfortunately, she believes that they spend more time catering to her boyfriend’s passions than hers.

“We go to the gun range twice a year (I hate guns, so we go on his birthday and our anniversary),” she said.

When they watch TV, they only watch shows that her boyfriend enjoys. While there are a lot of shows that they both enjoy, her boyfriend doesn’t ever seem interested in watching those. It always has to be his choice for what show they watch.

If they do end up watching a show that she is excited about, her boyfriend groans in annoyance during the show, looks at his phone, does not pay attention, or refuses to watch the show at all.

“I listen to him rant about topics he doesn’t have any ‘facts’ on, just his opinion or Facebook posts. If I correct him with actual facts or if my opinion is different, he says I have a negative attitude. So now I nod and smile,” she explained.

Her boyfriend also takes charge of what they eat. For their meals, her boyfriend is the one who cooks, and he only makes foods that he likes instead of making sure to think of what she wants to eat, too.

“I am learning a second language, and I asked him to show an interest in it to help motivate me. He has bought me books but doesn’t listen if I try to talk to him about something I learned or gets annoyed when I ask him for time to focus on learning,” she shared.

fizkes – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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