She Asked Her Husband To Stop Speaking To His Female Coworker, Since He’s Getting Too Friendly With Her - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Three years ago, this 28-year-old woman got married to Ryan, 30.

While she and Ryan have had both good and bad times, she feels like they have been able to talk through issues and find common ground.

She and Ryan have a 1-year-old daughter together, and he has a 9-year-old daughter from a prior relationship.

“I recently found out I’m pregnant (still early on–not many people know), and my husband has started constantly bringing up a new coworker of his. Ryan is in a managerial position and hired this woman, Hannah (late 20s). From the first day they started working together, he would bring her up and how they have similar interests, get along well, and are close in age,” she said.

Since the majority of Ryan’s coworkers are either much older or younger than he is, he was excited that there was finally someone closer to his age to talk to who would probably have more in common with him.

“Because they participate in the same hobbies and have similar interests, they’ve started contacting each other more outside of work. They trade recommendations for movies, shows, and games, and it seems like every day, I hear more about her. I feel like this is becoming an emotional affair,” she explained.

Even though Ryan hasn’t changed how much time he spends with her and their daughter, she is uncomfortable with his friendship with Hannah. He told Hannah about her pregnancy before they broke the news to their families.

“We had a discussion where I asked him not to speak with her anymore about non-work subjects, and he didn’t really like it. I told him not to contact her outside of work or talk about his hobbies with her anymore because he seems like he’s becoming too involved with her,” she shared.

Then, she explained to Ryan that this friendship also crosses boundaries because he is Hannah’s manager. She also pointed out to him that instead of spending so much energy on this new friendship with Hannah, he should be paying more attention to getting ready for their new baby. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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