She Bought Her Own Flowers And Then Pretended As If Her Husband Had Actually Brought Them Home For Her

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Generally, guys seem to have a hard time picking up on hints, so it’s up to women to spell it out for them. For guys, the direct approach is usually more effective and always gets noticed.

In a viral video that has received over 28 million views, TikToker Brittany Johnson (@brittthebubblybarista) recorded herself with flowers that she bought on her own and pretended as if her husband had brought them home for her.

In the video, she can be seen holding a bouquet of pink flowers, then shoving them into her husband’s arms as he walks through the front door. She pushed him back outside and shut the door.

He stood outside for a minute, trying to process what had happened. When the door opened again, she greeted him with a hug and thanked him for the flowers, feigning surprise at the gift.

Many TikTok users praised Brittany for making her husband give her flowers, calling it “comedic gold” and expressing how hilarious they thought his reaction was. A few even mentioned how they were inspired to do the same thing but put their own twists on it.

“Every year on secretaries day, I buy a card and leave it on my boss’s desk to sign,” detailed one user.

“I’d just get them for myself, then tell him a secret admirer left them at our door for me,” commented another.

Another user even wrote about how this method worked not just with flowers but Christmas gifts from her sons as well, declaring that her sons were “equal parts surprised and proud of themselves every Christmas.”

However, some others viewed Brittany’s approach in a negative way and did not find it amusing at all, claiming that she seemed to be asking for the bare minimum from her husband, which took away from the special experience of receiving flowers.

Africa Studio – illustrative purposes only

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