She Brought Up A Medical Horror Story At A Dinner Party, And Now She’s Being Accused of Traumatizing A Man Who Overheard Her - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 47-year-old woman works as a medical professional, and she’s been doing this for more than two decades of her life.

She, really, at this point, is totally apathetic about anything that relates to the human body due to her job.

Recently, she attended a dinner party along with some of her friends, a handful of whom happen to work in the medical field like her. The majority of her friends are not in the same industry, though.

Anyway, when everyone was done eating and she had gotten up from the table, people began pairing off or grouping off and drinking wine while chit-chatting.

“I was sitting next to my friend, who is also a medical professional, and the two of us were having a conversation, but there were other people within earshot,” she explained.

Now, she had just found out about a medical case that was an utter horror story. Essentially, a guy went in to have surgery for his shoulder, but in the process, a nurse was either negligent or incompetent and ended up damaging his eggplant region.

She was telling her friend about the case, and she was speaking in clinical terms. They were pretty much just wondering how such an awful thing could have happened and how nobody had noticed for such a long time.

She had no idea that several men around her began listening in to her story as she recounted the details to her friend.

“The next day, I got a call from the wife of one of these men, telling me I’d traumatized her husband and literally given him nightmares,” she said. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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