She Called The Cops On Her Sister After She Dropped Her Kids Off On Her Front Porch And Took Off

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For many years, travel has been a part of this woman’s job. When she and her late husband had children, her husband worked full-time hours, so since both of their schedules were so busy, they hired a nanny to take care of the children while her husband was unavailable.

After her husband tragically passed away, she hired the nanny full-time because she still traveled for work.

Occasionally, the nanny would come with her on trips if she was traveling to a really cool destination.

During the times that she’s not away from home on work trips, she takes full advantage of the time she has with her children.

She has a strict and particular rule that she will only look after her own children. While she will gladly invite family members and their children over to her house to swim in her pool and hang out, if her family members leave, their children have to leave, too.

Since she has had a rough and incredibly overwhelming couple of years, she wants all her free time to be spent with her own children and not watching children who aren’t hers and who might not even listen to her. She has her nanny follow this rule as well.

“Recently, my sister has been calling my nanny while I’m away and asking her to watch her kids because of an ’emergency.’ The first couple of times, the nanny has said yes but has recently brought it up to me because she’s aware she’s had to spend more on groceries/gas/activities and didn’t want me to think it was weird,” she said.

In response to this, she called her sister and told her that she couldn’t bring her children over to her house when she wasn’t there to have her nanny watch them.

She added that her sister needed to watch her children if she brought them over to her house, and her sister lost her mind.

ImageFlow – illustrative purposes only

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