She Canceled Her Boyfriend’s Birthday Dinner So She Could Care For Her Sick Cat, And When He Got Upset With Her, She Dumped Him

maryviolet - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

This 27-year-old girl has a 28-year-old boyfriend, and his birthday was this past Monday. To celebrate, they had made plans to go out for an expensive and elaborate birthday dinner.

Earlier this year, when she celebrated her birthday, her boyfriend spared no expense and ended up spending a ton of money on her.

“He earns a lot more than I do, so I could only do so much, but still. We have been together 2 years,” she explained.

“Well, on the day preceding when we were supposed to go out, I noticed my cat had what appeared to be a cyst in her eye.”

“It had appeared overnight and looked very painful and bad. I drove her 2 hours to an emergency vet open one Sunday instead and got some eye drops, but there’s a really big risk she may lose the eye.”

Her cat also stopped eating since she was in so much pain. Worried about her cat, she told her boyfriend she was canceling his birthday dinner plans so that she could stay at home and take care of her cat.

She did offer to her boyfriend that they could just have dinner on another night but that he was welcome to come over to her place and spend time with her while she was watching her cat.

Her boyfriend wasn’t understanding at all and instead got super upset with her. He pointed out that he had already taken the next day off and that he was planning on being able to drink and enjoy himself without having to get up for work the following morning.

Her boyfriend also mentioned that the wait list for the restaurant he wanted to go to was three months long, so by the time they can get a new reservation, his favorite seasonal special will no longer be on the menu.

maryviolet – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

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