She Caught A Shoplifter On Camera Stealing Handmade Clothing From Her And Her Husband’s Shop

Once Lindsay and her husband were gone, Samantha continued chatting with the cashier while searching a clothing rack near the front door. At one point, she found a shirt she liked and subtly hung it toward the front of the clothing rack for easy grabbing access.

After a few more minutes of chatter, she moved the shirt to the opposite side of the rack, making it harder for the cashier to see it. Samantha then stands on the opposite side of the rack and, while making full eye contact with the cashier and conversing with him, opens her tote bag and slips the shirt into it.

Once Samantha had taken the shirt, she continued her conversation with the cashier and casually walked over to the handmade rack of shorts again. While more customers were walking around the store, Samantha balled up a pair of shorts and placed them on a table before sneakily picking them back up and stuffing them down her pants, which was caught on the security footage, but Lindsay chose not to include it in the TikTok.

Thankfully, Lindsay’s husband had access to their live security feed from home and saw Samantha take the pants somewhere, so he called the cashier and alerted him to her shoplifting.

The cashier asked Samantha if she could show him the inside of her tote, revealing the stolen shirt. She tried to get him to let her buy it, but mall security was quickly notified and went to the store.

However, there was still the matter of the missing shorts.

Since Lindsay and Zack live right near the mall, he was able to return to the store to get the shirt back. But since Zack didn’t see Samantha put the shorts in her pants, he let the mall security deal escort her out.

Samantha was banned from their store and banned from the mall that day. As security was escorting her out, still with a pair of shorts in her pants, Lindsay reviewed the security footage and finally saw where Samantha had put those shorts. She called Zack, let him know, and Zack went running out of their store, flagging down security to let them know Samantha had shorts in her possession.

At the end of the day, Lindsay and Zack got everything Samantha tried to take back, although it was a close call.

“Knowing that it was a small business, the fact that she got caught and still kept the pair of shorts that I made is absolutely insane,” says Lindsay.

“[This] is why I made this video because I’m sure she’s trying to do this to other small businesses [and] I’m sure she’s done it in the past. I just wanted her face to be out there.”

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