She Caused Her Sister’s Boyfriend To Dump Her After She Told Him Her Sister Was Hanging Out With Her Ex

When Jim showed up in town, her sister asked her to watch her nephews. At first, she didn’t know it had anything to do with Jim, so she agreed.

However, as her sister was dropping off her nephews at her house, she knew right away that her sister was going out with Jim.

“She always wears her hair down and puts on the shortest dress she can find because that’s how Jim likes it,” she explained.

Before her sister left, she questioned her about whether she was going to see Jim or not. Her sister claimed that she wasn’t, told her she had to leave, and hurried out of the house. She then tried to call her sister, but she’d turned off her phone.

For thirty minutes, she attempted to get in touch with her sister, but after having no luck, she decided to call Mark.

“I don’t know what I was thinking at the time. It was maybe anger at my sister for messing up her life again, not learning her lesson, or I don’t know what it was, but I told Mark everything. He thanked me and hung up,” she shared.

She found out later that apparently Mark had gone over to her sister’s house while Jim was still there. Mark left without saying anything to her sister and stopped communicating with her.

After this, her sister reached out and asked her if she’d told Mark about Jim, and she confirmed that she had.

From then on, her sister has been hurling awful insults and names toward her, blaming her for supposedly destroying her life and her children’s lives, and then pleading with her to reach out to Mark on her behalf.

Instead of taking her side throughout this drama, her parents and mutual friends who know her sister believe that she shouldn’t have spilled the beans to Mark about her sister being on a date with Jim.

In their view, she did destroy her sister’s once healthy and stable relationship.

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