She Dated A Peanut Butter Salesman Who Belittled Her For Being An ICU Nurse

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Some of the worst tales of romance have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, and even though lockdown was years ago at this point, what happened during that era still feels like yesterday for many of us.

But for TikToker Ariel King (@arielsrna) in particular, she has an experience that she continues to think about to this day. In her video, she talks about the time she dated a peanut butter salesman.

Whenever she feels sad about being single in her thirties, she thinks about this story, and her sadness immediately evaporates into thin air.

So, during the pandemic, she dated a guy who was a peanut butter salesman. He would often become angry with her and belittle her for the job that she worked.

Ariel was an ICU nurse, and he argued that he saved more lives than she did because by selling peanut butter, he was feeding America.

“And I thought he was the loml,” she wrote in the caption of the video. Several TikTok users commended Ariel for her work as an ICU nurse, while others expressed their confusion over his job title.

“That person is ashamed of their job. You are a hero!” pointed out one user.

“You are terrific and are profoundly helping people. You rock,” praised another.

“I’m so lost. Peanut butter salesman is a real career path?” questioned a third.

millefloreimages – illustrative purposes only

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