She Decided To Have Her Kids Walk Her Down The Aisle Since Her Dad Never Stepped Up To The Plate As A Parent, But Then He Chose Not To Attend Her Wedding

syrotkin - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman’s father, who is 54, only acts like a dad when he finds it convenient. Apparently, he’s just never been that present.

“He’s never been overly involved in my life. He has missed more birthdays than he’s attended, he’s missed every major milestone I’ve ever had, and communication has mostly been up to me for my entire life,” she recalled.

So, after she got engaged, she decided to structure her wedding a bit differently.

She knows that, typically, fathers walk their daughters down the aisle. However, she decided that she wanted her own kids to hand her off.

After all, it’s always just been her and her daughters before her husband entered her life. She also realized that the wedding was just as much for her daughters as it was for her.

As you can probably guess, though, the fact that her dad didn’t get a role in her wedding did make him very upset.

But the real kicker is that he never actually expressed his feelings to her. Instead, he just told everyone else in her family how upset he was.

Then, Father’s Day rolled around, and she honestly just completely forgot what day it was.

She realizes that she was a jerk for not calling or texting her father on the holiday. But then, he texted her at night and asked why she was angry at him, so she tried to share some very surface-level feelings while being polite.

syrotkin – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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