She Doesn’t Want Her Boyfriend’s Daughters In Her Apartment, Since She’s Childfree, So She Dumped Him Over This

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Four years ago, at a party, this 38-year-old woman met her boyfriend, 36. Right away, they got along great.

“I told him very early on that I’m childfree because I know this is a turn-off for many men, and I don’t want to lead anybody on,” she said.

A month later, her boyfriend broke the news to her that he had two daughters (who are 11 and 12 now).

Understandably, she was upset that he’d kept this information from her, knowing that she didn’t want kids.

She was conflicted because she had strong feelings for her boyfriend, but she didn’t want to play a stepmother role in his daughters’ lives.

When she expressed this to her boyfriend, he assured her that she wouldn’t have to worry about that because he had shared custody with his ex, and they could plan to hang out on the weeks when he didn’t have custody.

She agreed to this, and currently, he stays at her place during the weeks he doesn’t have custody of his daughters. They confessed their love for each other early on in their relationship, and everything has gone smoothly for them up until now. Plus, they planned ahead of time that they would end their relationship as soon as they were no longer happy.

“I could see myself with him forever. I love him to bits. I love our life together. I love missing him when he’s with his family. He proposed to me a month ago, and I didn’t know what he meant, but he said that we didn’t need to get married; he just wanted me to have a ring. I thought it was romantic,” she explained.

The following week, her boyfriend’s ex was ill, and he didn’t want his daughters to get sick, too, so he brought them over to her apartment for the weekend. Before he suggested this, she asked him if he’d rather spend the weekend at his place with his daughters, but he said that he’d be sad not seeing her since it was normally the days that they’d spend together, so she agreed.

BGStock72 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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