She Dumped Her Boyfriend Because He Constantly Starved Her Throughout Their Whole Relationship And She Finally Got Sick of His Lack of Generosity

mihalovna88 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman says that her love language comes down to acts of service. She’s the kind of girl who will go out of her way to purchase something for her boyfriend if she’s thinking of him that day, and she is always excited to give someone a gift.

Throughout her entire relationship with her last boyfriend, she would make sure to ask him if he would like something to eat any time that he came over to her home.

She also ensured he was comfortable and had whatever he needed, whether it was drinks, food, or anything else that he desired.

If she was eating, she would ask if he wanted any, and it’s something she believes to be “common courtesy.”

Asking someone if they would like some of your food comes down to decent manners, and it also makes her happy to know that someone is being cared for in that way.

But, back to how food specifically played a role in the end of her relationship with her boyfriend.

“I invited him to family dinners at restaurants, and he didn’t have to pay for anything,” she explained.

“I go as far as offering and feeding him in the car while he’s driving and has his hands full because I feel bad that I’m eating next to him and he’s not able to because his hands are on the wheel.”

“Recently, when I saw him, I bought him waffles and Starbucks without him even having to ask. The problem is, he’s the exact opposite. And despite me voicing out my concerns and having arguments about it, things didn’t really change much. He would eat beside me or in front of me and not offer me anything.”

mihalovna88 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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