She Dumped Her Boyfriend Because He Constantly Starved Her Throughout Their Whole Relationship And She Finally Got Sick of His Lack of Generosity

If they went to a store, he would purchase something for himself, yet never ask her if she wanted anything. He also never offered to pay for her, even if she got a little thing like a bar of chocolate.

Meanwhile, she was constantly offering to pay for him or pay her own way since she makes her own money and is proud of her independence.

This left her feeling like she wasn’t in a relationship at all since her boyfriend was not looking out for her.

Back in the beginning of the relationship, she would spend hours at his house without him asking her if she would like something to drink or eat.

She did end up arguing with him about it, and he changed for a brief period before falling back into his old, inconsiderate ways.

“We’d be driving in the car, and I would tell him I’m starving; he’d brush it off and forget about it and continue driving (I hate having to ask. I used to have poor boundaries),” she said.

“Another time, we went for an out-of-town drive and had been on the highway for hours, and I literally told him I was starving and was feeling pain in my stomach and needed to stop for food asap, and he said sure but continued driving for at least an hour more. Had I not made a big deal out of it, he wouldn’t have gotten out of the highway and stopped by a restaurant.”

She was so completely and utterly dehydrated that day it scared her. They ended up getting into a disagreement, and he just gave her awful excuses while promising that he would change for her.

And months after the fact, nothing was different. He was continuing with the same pattern that she thought was hurtful.

She grew up in a family that was kind and prioritized generosity, and she couldn’t envision herself ever being alright with someone who deviated from this.

She finally grew sick and tired of him basically starving her in more ways than one, so she dumped him.

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