She Embarrassed Sister-In-Law In Front of Their Family After She Compared Her Near Homelessness To A Luxury Cruise She’s Taking

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Five weeks ago, this woman and her husband had a baby.

They both worked full-time, and she was able to get three months of paid time off while he was given a month off after the birth of their child.

Of course, despite being an exciting time, having a baby can be difficult and stressful. However, she and her husband dealt with even more stress than they’d been originally prepared for in ways they couldn’t have predicted.

“I’m not sure what exactly went wrong, but during my husband’s four weeks out, he was fired. They said it was due to budget cuts, but I’m almost leaning toward them being salty that he took time off because they are short-staffed and ‘needed him,'” she said.

Since the situation seemed a bit sketchy, she and her husband have been considering filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against his company. While her husband is looking for a new job, he’s also hoping that he can get on unemployment in the meantime.

Even though she and her husband are able to pay their bills with the money she’s making from her paid leave, she isn’t able to save any of that money. Everything she earns is, unfortunately, going toward their expenses.

“I have had to start couponing heavily and go to food banks, and even then, sometimes, my husband and I are still hungry. We are now facing the possibility that we might not actually have a place by next week because they raised our rent by $300, and I absolutely cannot afford it, and our landlord is far from lenient or willing to work with us,” she shared.

Understandably nervous throughout the last several weeks, she and her husband have tried to remain hopeful that her husband will start receiving unemployment soon, but they are scared that their situation will get even worse.

Last Sunday, her mother-in-law asked if she, her sister-in-law, and two brothers-in-law could all come over to see their baby. She said that they could bring food to cook for them and that they could take care of the baby while she and her husband relaxed. Grateful for the offer from her mother-in-law, she accepted.

gatsi – illustrative purposes only

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