She Excluded Her Stepdaughter’s Boyfriend From Her Wedding, And They Broke Up Over It

“Jamie ended up inviting her new boyfriend, Kyle. They had met away at school and had only been together since May, so we had never met him before. But we told her it was her choice, so we didn’t say anything about it,” she explained.

When they all traveled to the location for the wedding, everything was going well at first. The four of them had dinner on one of their first nights of the trip, and even though Kyle seemed like a decent guy, it was difficult to get him to open up and tell them more about himself.

On the morning of her and John’s wedding, Jamie was begging for them to allow Kyle to attend the wedding ceremony and dinner afterward.

“John put his foot down and said absolutely not and that this was the one and only condition we gave,” she shared.

“We wanted a private celebration and not to spend our wedding night having a ‘get to know you’ dinner.”

Then, Jamie and John argued back and forth for a while before Jamie finally let it go. They later had their beautiful wedding ceremony and a wonderful dinner, just the three of them.

For the remainder of their vacation, Kyle kept his distance, and he didn’t make any effort to talk to them.

Understandably, John was furious about this, but he didn’t confront Kyle about his behavior.

However, John told her in confidence that he wouldn’t allow Kyle at any future celebrations over the holidays if Jamie continued dating him and wanted to invite him.

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle ended the relationship with Jamie, and he claimed that not being invited to attend the wedding was one of the main reasons for breaking up with her.

After the breakup, Jamie called and yelled at them, blaming them for her relationship ending. Jamie added that if they hadn’t been self-centered jerks, she would still be in a great relationship with Kyle.

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