She Financially Cut Off Her Younger Sister For Being Irresponsible And Continuing To Have Unplanned Pregnancies

She told Mia that she’s been putting on rose-colored glasses for a guy who hardly provides for her, that their relationship will likely not last, and she’d be a single mother of two children. She also told Mia she thought it was dangerous for her to get pregnant again so soon after having her first baby.

Then, Mia started getting angry with her and told her she was being “fake.” She also said she wasn’t acting like her family and told her their mom was being supportive of the situation and was encouraging her relationship with this new guy.

That’s when she knew she had to put her foot down so Mia wouldn’t think she was okay with the situation. She told Mia that if she decided to keep her baby, she would no longer financially support her and her children.

She said to Mia, “I’m not pressuring you into anything. This is your choice, but I refuse to be financing this choice. You’re on your own, Mia. I can’t enable you [to dig] yourself further in holes you can’t climb out of because of irresponsible, unplanned pregnancies.”

Mia didn’t take that news well and began crying over the phone, accusing her of not wanting her to be happy.

“Our mother isn’t very happy with me now,” she added.

“I do feel bad. I don’t think I worded it the best, nor should I have called her irresponsible. I’m just at my breaking point.”

Should she feel bad for what she said to Mia?

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