She Forced Her Daughter With Alopecia To Wear A Bandana To School Because She’s Afraid of The Teen Getting Bullied, But Her Daughter Is Sick of It And Wants To Go To School Bald

In the meantime, she wants the teen to keep wearing the bandana because she believes her daughter is just too young.

“And I am afraid that she won’t realize how much other middle school kids can hurt her until she tries this and she actually gets hurt, and I don’t want her self-esteem to be wrecked in the process,” she vented.

So, she thinks she’s doing the right thing since her daughter is only 13 and may not understand the long-term impact.

Still, ever since forcing her daughter to keep her head covered at school, she’s been left wondering whether that made her a jerk.

Can you understand why she’s worried about kids being cruel to her daughter? Even so, shouldn’t she allow her daughter not to wear the bandana if that’s what the teen wants? Is she projecting insecurities onto her daughter, who is trying to be confident and own her appearance? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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