She Forced Her Husband To Pay For A $675 Mistake He Made Using His Allowance Money Instead of Money From Their Joint Bank Account

“I manage almost all the finances. We’re in good shape, but I hate the idea of waste. We weren’t even utilizing that expensive subscription, he paid that money to watch one thing ten months ago.”

She then informed her husband that he had to pay the $675 charges using his allowance money. He had a ton of money saved up in that account since she knew he was saving up to buy something special for himself related to his hobby.

She ended up moving money out of his allowance and into their joint bank account to cover the $675. She knows that it probably would have been better in hindsight to have requested that her husband move the money around on his own instead of doing it for him, but she was really upset about it and just took matters into her own hands.

After she finished moving the money around, she calmed down, as she knew the problem had been taken care of.

“He got irritated and said he shouldn’t have to pay out of his allowance for a simple mistake,” she said.

“I said, “Everyone has to pay for their mistakes. That’s how life works.” Maybe I was harsh. But the wasted money was all on him. I don’t see any better way to resolve it. He pointed out that we are doing fine financially, we are fortunate that $675 out of the joint account won’t affect our budgeting for the month, but it will make a big difference to his saving for his hobbies as it is close to 2 months’ “allowance.”

“It was the principle of the matter to me. I’m very careful with money. No matter how well we do financially, I’ll always look for good deals and avoid profligate spending.”

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