She Gave Her Sister A Reality Check After Their Family Members Stopped Wanting To Babysit For Her Kids Because She Has Too Many Demands

splitov27 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, when you have to babysit a bunch of kids, dealing with their parents can be more exhausting than dealing with them.

One woman recently had to give her older sister a reality check after their family members stopped wanting to babysit her kids because she had too many demands for them.

She’s 21 and has two older sisters, Avery and Chloe. Chloe is 32 and has three kids under 10, the youngest being one year old.

She’s noticed that ever since Chloe had kids, she underwent an intense lifestyle change. Chloe is much more holistic and does things like insisting her kids only eat organic food.

Chloe and her husband both work, so their youngest goes to daycare. They decided that they’d like some time to relax on the weekends, so they began asking her parents to babysit on Saturdays.

Her parents are “doting grandparents” and enjoyed babysitting on weekends for about a month, but then they said they couldn’t do it anymore. They claimed to be too tired to keep up with the kids.

Her other sister, Avery, was then asked to take the kids on weekends, and it ended similarly. 

“After Avery started refusing, Chloe asked me if I could babysit the kids on the weekends,” she explained.

“I stupidly told her yes. I only babysat for three Saturdays and had to call it quits because Chloe was driving me nuts. First of all, she has a very, very long list of rules for the kids while they’re babysat. Some aren’t so difficult to follow, like organic foods only, but others just feel silly.”

splitov27 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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