She Ghosted Her Friend After He Faked Forgetting His Wallet And Made Her Pay For His Food Twice

Svetlana Sokolova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old woman had been following a guy, who is 28, on Instagram for about seven years. So, back in February, they finally began hanging out.

They’ve since gone out together on numerous occasions, and they would take turns paying for their outings.

“Sometimes he would pay, and other times, I would. I never saw it as a big deal,” she recalled.

So, the second to last time they met up, they decided to go to a Chinese restaurant. And she just decided to pay for their meal since she happened to go back up to the counter to add something to her order, and the cashier handed her the tab.

Again, though, she didn’t think this was a big deal. In fact, she actually pretended that she hadn’t paid for her friend’s bill and instead suggested that maybe a stranger had paid for their meal.

“It was not until a later day during a related conversation that I revealed that I paid for it,” she said.

More recently, she and her friend also decided to go out to eat again at a pizza place. And before they ate, they played a simple game of rock paper scissors to see who would have to foot the bill that time. She claimed it was just for fun.

Now, her friend lost, which meant he was forced to pay. Still, she thought it was fine since she won fair and square.

Yet, after they both finished eating their first round of pizza, her friend claimed to have forgotten his wallet at home. She told him it wasn’t a problem and was happy to cover their tab.

Svetlana Sokolova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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