She Got Into An Argument With Her Husband Since He’s Been Referring To His Late Wife As If She Was His Current Wife, Which Is Confusing Their Friends And Family

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When you’re with someone who was previously married or in a serious relationship with someone else, it can be tricky when deciding how to refer to that person.

One woman recently got into an argument with her husband after he’s been referring to his late wife as if she was his current wife, confusing a lot of their friends and family.

She’s 29 and has been married to her 34-year-old husband, Daniel, for almost a year. Daniel has an 8-year-old daughter named Jane, who he had with his late wife, Alyssa, who passed away around four years ago.

She and Daniel met just before the COVID-19 pandemic when he had been widowed for about a year.

“We ended up quarantining together, and after three years, we decided to tie the knot,” she said.

“The wedding ceremony was everything a girl could dream of, and we’ve honestly had very few issues in our first year as a couple. It wasn’t until we went to pick up Jane from her summer camp that I started seeing an issue.”

While picking up Jane, she saw Daniel talking to one of the camp coordinators. Then, he began talking about the jacket he was wearing and said his wife had made him the jacket, and she was really good at sewing. However, Alyssa had made him the jacket, not her.

“It bugged me a little, but I brushed it off as a one-time thing, an accident,” she recalled.

“We don’t talk about Alyssa much unless we’re around Jane, and even then, he usually refers to her as ‘Jane’s mom.’ I never heard him call her his wife, especially now that we [are] married.”

BGStock72 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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