She Got Into An Argument With Her Husband Since He’s Been Referring To His Late Wife As If She Was His Current Wife, Which Is Confusing Their Friends And Family

Since recently picking up Jane, Daniel has continued referring to Alyssa as his wife. The other night, while they were out with some new friends from her job, one of them started asking her questions about baseball. 

When she admitted to not knowing anything about baseball, her friends became extremely confused because all night, Daniel had been saying his wife played baseball in college and was very good at it. Unfortunately, they had no idea he was talking about Alyssa.

Her friends admitted to being confused and said Daniel had referred to her and Alyssa as his wife several times.

She became very upset and was humiliated as she had to keep clarifying the difference between her and Alyssa.

That night, when they returned home, she and Daniel got into an argument. Daniel told her that since he never divorced Alyssa, he would never not think of her as his wife and didn’t want to stop referring to her as such. 

Daniel doesn’t like using the terms ‘late wife’ or ‘first wife’ for various reasons, so she’s at a loss for what to suggest he call Alyssa.

While she deeply respects the role Alyssa had in Daniel and Jane’s lives and doesn’t want to tarnish her memory, she wishes Daniel would treat her with a little more respect and refer to her as his only current wife.

“I told him that if he wasn’t ready to move on, then he shouldn’t have married me,” she added.

“If he can’t commit to being my husband, then he shouldn’t get to call me his wife. I spent the next night at my sister’s house, ignoring his calls. We recently started to smooth things over by not talking about them, but I can tell that this is going to be a sore spot in the marriage I am trying so desperately to save.”

How should she handle this situation?

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