She Got Into An Argument With Her Pregnant Sister-In-Law, Who Started Throwing All of Her Clean Hand-Me-Down Baby Clothes She Gave Her Into The Wash

New Africa - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you have your first baby, it’s normal to be anxious about so many things, like making sure everything in your home is clean when your baby arrives.

One woman recently got into an argument with her pregnant sister-in-law, who immediately started throwing all the clean hand-me-down clothes she gave her into the wash.

She’s the mom of three kids, and her sister-in-law is pregnant with her first baby. Her youngest baby just turned one, so she has a lot of hand-me-down clothes and toys for newborns that she offered to her sister-in-law and her wife. 

“I brought them over, and they picked out what they wanted [or] needed, and my sister-in-law immediately put it in the washing machine,” she recalled.

“I’m a very clean person, and all of the baby stuff was clean, so I confronted my sister-in-law. I asked her why she needed to clean my stuff if it wasn’t dirty, and she knows I’m not dirty.”

Her sister-in-law told her she’s been cleaning anything and everything she has for the baby, from bottles to pacifiers to clothing.

She thought her sister-in-law was over the top and told her it was “pretty stupid” to wash everything she bought or brought to her house in case she decided to return stuff. 

“It’s not like cleaning everything in her house is going to make her prepared for her baby,” she said.

“Nothing prepares you for your first. My sister-in-law took this as me being mean, but I was trying to be helpful. She should enjoy her last few weeks of pregnancy instead of cleaning everything.”

New Africa – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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