She Got Locked In A Basement On A First Date With a Guy, And She Was Genuinely Scared That He Was Going To Harm Her

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If you think that ghosts, witches, and vampires are frightening, try going on a first date with someone who tries to lock you in a basement. That’s exactly what happened to TikToker Alyssa Whalen (@alyssa.whalen).

At the time, Alyssa was 26-years-old. She matched with a guy on a dating app who was 24. They chatted online for about six weeks, and their conversations were always really good.

Finally, their schedules lined up, and they were able to go on a date. He picked her up from her place wearing sweatpants, which was the first red flag she spotted.

When he opened the car door for her, he had to move a bunch of empty soda cans, fast food wrappers, and random papers out of the way so she could sit down. The mess in his car also did not help her first impression of him.

For their date, he revealed that he planned to take her to his place of employment. He worked for a pest control company, and the building contained a lot of fun games, such as ping pong, pool, and billiards.

On the way there, he blurted out that he had been divorced for three months. Then, he grabbed her thigh and asked if that scared her. Alyssa pried his hand from her leg, picked it up, and removed it from her personal space.

After arriving at the place, they started playing a card game. However, he couldn’t take his eyes off his phone, so she decided to pull hers out, too. She saw that her roommate, whom she had shared her location with, had followed her to the building. Their friend had also tagged along.

Alyssa told her date that her friends were right outside, and he suggested that she invite them inside. So, her roommate and her friend came in, pretending they were a couple.

Alyssa’s date asked if they wanted to see the basement. She assumed that there were more games or a movie theater downstairs, so she agreed. But he revealed that the basement was completely unfinished, and there were no lights yet.

SonateSonate – illustrative purposes only

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