She Had Two Creepy Encounters At Work With Two Different Men Just Two Days Apart, And Now She Can’t Help But Feel Uneasy At Work

(JLco) Julia Amaral - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman in her 20s works at a retail store. She is a nice and chatty employee, so she makes sure to greet all customers when they walk by her while she’s working. Unfortunately, this means that, at times, she has some uncomfortable interactions.

At the beginning of December, leading up to her birthday, she dealt with two sketchy customers, and the situation spanned over the course of three days.

One day, a customer approached her and said, “‘You exude happiness. Can I take a photo of you?'” Since she wears unique outfits, she assumed that was the reason he wanted to take a picture of her.

Since she was currently working and felt like she sometimes didn’t stand up for herself, she agreed. She posed for the photo, giving a thumbs up, and the man took the photo and left.

“My other coworkers and my boyfriend thought I was dumb for letting him take my photo. My mom watched a lot of Dateline and thought someone was going to order a kidnapping on me with the photo, and I started to get unnerved, but nothing really came of it,” she explained.

The following day, a man, F, walked into the store and went to the pharmacy department of the store, which was near where she was currently working.

“The man asked for me by name (I have an uncommon name, with an unusual spelling on top of that). The pharmacy tech made an excuse that I was at lunch, thinking he’d leave, but he came back an hour later, asking if lunch was over, but I had actually left for the day, so no luck, I guess,” she said.

Then, on the third day of this ongoing situation, she was off work for her birthday. While she was gone, F returned to the store and came up to the pharmacy tech again. He told her he was sorry about asking for her coworker the day prior.

“He said that ‘he and I just had locked eyes at one point and connected’ or something? In all actuality, I smile at everyone out of nervousness at work,” she shared.

(JLco) Julia Amaral – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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