She Hilariously Taught Her Dog To Tell Her Husband What She Wants

Sapphie then pushes two buttons, one that says “Mommy” and another that says “water.”

Sapphie’s dad tells her he’ll get the water in two minutes, clearly not wanting to get up from the couch.

So what does Sapphie do? She uses her most hilarious button, which calls her dad the ‘B word.’

The last button seemed to work, and Sapphie’s shocked dad got off the couch to get his lady some water.

The viral video received over three million likes on TikTok, with commenters trying to figure out how they can get their dog to do the same thing for them.

“Where can I get this dog?” commented one user.

“She understood the assignment,” commented another user.

Sapphie’s been an amazing companion and has continued to do this for her expecting mom. She’s a good girl!

Doesn’t this make you wish you had a dog like Sapphie?


Sapphie making sure daddy is at mommy’s service ??? #smartdog #funnydog #dogs #pets #fyp

? original sound – Sapphie the Pomsky

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