She Just Learned That Her Husband Was Still Married When They Started Dating And Had A Baby Together, So He’s Nothing But A Cheater And A Liar

Her husband promised that his ex was nuts and was the one who had been the cheater in their relationship, not him.

Her husband’s friends and even his own mom jumped to defend him, and so she kept believing what was said to her.

Recently, she and her husband celebrated their wedding anniversary, and she had totally forgotten about the ex-wife incident.

She adores her husband and the life they have created, and she’s really happy with where they are right now.

But, one day, she had a gut feeling that she should look up her husband’s ex on social media and do a little digging.

She did just that, and she was pretty horrified at what she found when she began poking around on social media.

“So anyway, I went to her page, and several months before, she had written this awful, scathing post about me, calling me and my son all kinds of very nasty names and saying that soon my husband is going to do to me what he did to her because he’s a narcissist who doesn’t care who he hurts,” she said.

She decided to reach out to her husband’s ex, saying she’s sorry she feels the way that she does, but she could not possibly be a homewrecker.

She even sent her husband’s ex the date that she started going out with him in an effort to prove the truth.

Unfortunately, that backfired on her in a big way.

“MUCH TO MY SHOCK AND DISMAY, she replied with lots and lots of proof that they were indeed still married at that time,” she continued.

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