She Locked Herself In The Bathroom After Her Father-In-Law Told Her At A Family Dinner That She Never Would Have Caught Her Husband’s Attention Back In High School

Andreshkova Nastya - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Yesterday, this 26-year-old woman and her husband, 29, went to dinner with her husband’s parents.

“Everything was going great until my mother-in-law brought up my husband’s ‘player’ phase in high school. My mother-in-law was just jokingly being like, ‘Honestly, him in high school, I’d never thought he’d actually settle down with somebody,’ and my father-in-law was like, ‘Yeah, even less with someone like you.’ I asked him what he meant by that,” she said.

At this, her mother-in-law and husband both said, “‘Please, no,'” as if they were afraid that her father-in-law was about to say something offensive that would upset her.

“My father-in-law said, ‘Well, you weren’t exactly his type in high school, you know?’ My husband tried to make him stop after that, but my father-in-law added, ‘Not saying you weren’t pretty enough or anything like that; you just wouldn’t have caught his eyes,'” she explained.

In her opinion, her father-in-law’s comments were rude and presumptuous since he had no idea what she’d been like during her high school years.

“My father-in-law meant my husband wouldn’t have looked at me because I wasn’t much of a partier or my personality wasn’t the same as his,” she shared.

After this, she immediately left the dinner table and locked herself in the bathroom because she was so hurt. Less than five minutes later, her husband knocked on the bathroom door to tell her that they could leave.

When she and her husband got home, her mother-in-law texted her husband and told him that she’d been “childish” and “disrespectful.”

She added that they wouldn’t be receiving any more dinner invitations until she said she was sorry. In response, her husband told her mother-in-law that she would only say sorry if her father-in-law said sorry first.

Andreshkova Nastya – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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