She Locked Herself In The Bathroom After Her Father-In-Law Told Her At A Family Dinner That She Never Would Have Caught Her Husband’s Attention Back In High School

Unfortunately, her mother-in-law never responded. However, her husband’s sister texted him and said that she needed to say sorry now, adding that this situation was jeopardizing her husband’s relationship with his parents. Then, his sister called the entire situation a “misunderstanding.”

Upon reflection, she’s never felt like her father-in-law hasn’t liked her. It seems like he just doesn’t have an opinion about her one way or the other and doesn’t have much interest in having a close bond with her.

Whenever she and her husband have gotten together with her in-laws in the past, her father-in-law doesn’t usually talk too much. And even though his words stung, she felt like his tone conveyed that he was trying to word his explanation carefully and not too harshly.

Now, she’s concerned that this drama will cause more future tension between her husband and his parents. She doesn’t want this to cause him any emotional pain if his parents start treating him differently and keeping their distance from him.

Do you think she was right to leave the dinner table after hearing her father-in-law’s comments?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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