She Met A Guy At A Gas Station, But Then She Found Out He Was Homeless And Ignored All The Red Flags Since He Was A Cute Bad Boy

New Africa - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many women are drawn to bad boys, but the cost of getting involved with one can be emotionally taxing and harmful to your health.

TikToker @abrunetteswrldd is talking about how she was in a toxic relationship with a guy who was a criminal and detailing all the events that occurred during the time they spent together.

As for how they met, she saw this guy at a gas station one day and thought he was really cute, so she asked for his phone number. They began texting each other that same day, and five minutes later, he asked her if she wanted to hang out.

She met up with him and his two friends in an abandoned parking lot at eleven o’clock at night. They sat in her car and chatted for a bit. She found out that the guy she was interested in was homeless and lived in hotels.

He was also a convicted felon and abused several different kinds of substances. However, she didn’t care about any of the red flags because he was cute and a “bad boy,” so they continued hanging out.

But sometimes, he would stand her up. And when that happened, she would figure out where he was through his and his friends’ social media posts. Then, she would wait hours for him to show up in the parking lot.

Soon, he became extremely paranoid of her and accused her of being in the FBI. He also told her that his friends were scared of her and threatened to harm her and her family if she continued to contact him.

He ended up blocking her phone number, but she found a way around it. When she called him, she would dial one, star, six, and seven so her calls would go through.

Finally, he unblocked her, and for months afterward, he fell into a pattern of blocking and unblocking her. One time, when they were hanging out, he stole two of her credit cards. In another instance, he threw rocks at her car.

New Africa – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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