She Overheard Her Stepmother Making Rude Remarks About How She’d Be Lucky If She Ever Got Married, And After She Confided In Her Dad, He Just Agreed With His Wife

“I wanted to be in better shape before trying to do the whole dating thing, so I’ve waited.”

Anyway, that’s why her stepmother’s comments really hurt her. She does want to get married and have kids someday– it’s been her dream ever since she was just a teenager. However, it simply has not happened to her yet.

As she was dealing with the pain from her stepmother’s remarks, she also decided to confide in her dad. Yet, he was arguably even more hurtful than her stepmom.

Her dad claimed that it was her fault that she hasn’t gotten a partner yet since she has not “put herself out there” since her late boyfriend passed away. So, even though her dad agreed that her stepmother shouldn’t have said such comments “within earshot,” he didn’t really think his wife was wrong.

Afterward, her dad even told her that she had no right to complain about her single status. And ever since then, she’s just been trying to survive the last few awkward days of her visit at his house until she travels home.

“My dad and I have always had a strained, stressful relationship, and I am upset, but I am trying to hold it together,” she vented.

In the meantime, she’s been left wondering whether it’s unreasonable to feel sad that tying the knot just hasn’t happened for her yet.

Why do you think her stepmother would think to say something so terrible? Can you understand why she’s so hurt? Is she in the wrong here? How would you feel in her shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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