She Paid Her Boyfriend’s Mom Back For The Gifts She Bought For Her Kids After She Kept Going On And On About How Much Everything Cost - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her boyfriend have two-year-old twins together, and over the holiday weekend, her boyfriend’s mom and dad came to visit them.

Her boyfriend’s parents rarely do come to see them, and they normally only make it out about four times each year, despite living pretty close to their home.

She also says that her boyfriend’s mom and dad do not help her and her boyfriend out in any way financially.

But anyway, her boyfriend’s parents had just gotten home from vacation, and they wanted to stop by to give the twins the gifts that they had bought for them.

She has never told her boyfriend’s parents no when they want to come, and so she gave them a time to swing by.

They arrived at the pre-arranged time and gifted the twins two different teddy bears. When her twins saw their grandparents, they were uneasy because they don’t spend a lot of time around them and barely know them.

Her boyfriend’s mom and dad were being pretty forceful with the twins and trying to make them hug them.

“Nana mentioned over and over that the toys were $15.00 each,” she explained. “As if she felt they were unthankful or something?”

“I am sure these toys will be played with, and I said so several times. I said thank you repeatedly. My kids are behind in language, so were unable to say thank you, but I think they liked them.” – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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