She Really Wants To Get Engaged To Her Boyfriend, But She’s Worried About The Future Of Their Relationship Because He Plans To Work In Investment Banking

Keitma - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her boyfriend are just 22-years-old. But they are high school sweethearts and have been together ever since they were only 16.

And now, they are finally about to start their adult lives together.

“I am hoping to be a primary school teacher, and I will begin my teaching diploma once I graduate,” she said.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, recently completed a summer internship with an investment bank. Then, he received a job offer from the same bank that is set to begin after he graduates from college.

While she could not be happier about her boyfriend’s success, though, she also has some concerns about how this will impact their relationship.

She realizes that this job is obviously a great opportunity for her birthday. But, it will also come with long, strenuous hours, as well as a very demanding and stressful workload.

“We’ve grown accustomed to spending a significant amount of time together, and the prospect of him working such intense hours raises questions about how it will impact our relationship,” she admitted.

Right now, she and her boyfriend already live together. They have also discussed buying either a house or an apartment together in a couple of years.

Not to mention, her boyfriend even brought up the idea of them getting engaged and tying the knot once they both graduated from college.

Keitma – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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