She Says Her Wedding Was A Hot Mess Since She Completely Forgot To Invite Her Best Friends

However, she was not present when the wedding invitations were physically sent out.

Reema ended up being incorrect. Her three best friends never received invitations to her wedding and never knew when it was, where it was, or what time it started. Unfortunately, they also never reached out to her to get the details. It was a miscommunication nightmare.

So when her wedding day rolled around, she entered her ceremony and didn’t see her friends.

Reema was very confused and asked her sister where everyone was. Her sister had no idea and had to make rounds during the wedding, looking for specific people.

When Reema realized her friends never showed up to her wedding, she was very disappointed.

“I was like, how could they not show up to my wedding?” recalls Reema.

“I got so mad.”

That night, Reema noticed that one of her friends had posted an Instagram story of her in a coffee shop, which made her even more angry.

She decided to save her confrontation for the next day to avoid getting too heated on her special night.

Reema texted her friends and asked them how they could skip her wedding. They simply responded with, “You didn’t invite us.”

At that moment, Reema realized it was all because she never ensured invitations were sent to them.

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